Back in early 2011, my dad who was a keen triathlete and competed for GB at an amateur level since 1989, roped me into doing an Olympic distance triathlon (1.5k swim, 40k bike and 10k run). The race was in June, so on one of dad’s old bikes I set out doing some training. The training consisted of flogging myself up and down the pool, unproductively riding my bike and going out running as hard as I could for as long as I could (which turned out to be not very long).

SAm Proctor blog 2June came around and with a borrowed wetsuit, my dad’s old bike and a pair of trainers, I headed off to Fritton Lake in Norfolk with my dad and his friend. I exited the water breathing like each breath may be my last and thinking how on earth was I going to cycle 24 miles? Co-ordinating taking my wetsuit off and putting on some cycling shoes was a real effort! In actual fact, the bike was great. In my head I wanted to try and catch my dad as he started in an earlier swim wave (this was slightly ambitious…) It was safe to say by the end of the bike I hadn’t caught my dad. Onto the run…well, it’s meant to be a run. For me it was more of a run, jog, walk, stitch, jog, walk, run across the line. I had finished. I never caught my dad but I didn’t care. I had completed it: it was painful, it hurt but I absolutely loved it and my first thoughts were when can I do another one.

I’ll leave this blog here and I’ll pick up what happened over the years in another blog. All I will say is, without my dad saying to me do you want to do this, I would never have done it. Fundamentally it wouldn’t have put me where I am today. Going out of my comfort zone for that moment to say yes and to complete it has made me who I am today and has molded my path. It has made me fitter, faster, stronger and with the desire and hunger for more.